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Children's University is open to all members of the community, and therefore we encourage as many children to take part in the scheme as possible. South Hertfordshire Children's University is free to join, and we've taken steps to make sure that signing up is easy for you and your child.

There are several ways in which you can join South Herts CU. The majority of our members take part through participating schools, but any children in the local area are welcome. Read more about the different ways of joining us below.

My school is taking part

Several schools in the area are currently taking part in the scheme, and therefore the majority of our members attend these schools. To find out if your school is currently taking part, simply ask the school office who should be able to let you know. If they're taking part, they will give you an enrolment form to return, which then gets given to us so we can sign you up. When we receive the enrolment, we'll send your new Passport to Learning to your school, along with a welcome letter.

My school isn't taking part

If your school isn't currently part of Children's University, you can join directly through West Herts College or Oaklands College. Simply get in touch with us, and we'll provide you with an enrolment form. After this is complete, we'll send you your new Passport to Learning along with a welcome letter. To contact us, either fill in a request form here or contact us via email below. Please note that joining South Herts CU will depend on where you live; if we determine that another local CU is closer to you, we may advise you to make an enquiry with them instead.

Hannah Wells on 01923 812216           or      Sakeena Morgan on 01727 737490
email:            email: