Certificates and graduations

There are lots of national Children's University awards you can achieve. Bronze, silver and gold certificates are awarded at CU undergraduate, postgraduate and doctorate levels, rewarding participation in CU learning from 30 to 1000 hours.


You will receive your first national bronze award once you have taken part in 30 hours of Children's University Learning.

Once you have received your bronze award, the next award to work towards is your silver which you will achieve once you have completed 65 hours of learning. The good news is you don't go back to 0 and start again. You collect stamps to add to the 30 hours you have done already done.

For the silver award, carry on with the activities you already enjoy and we'd also like you to try something new.

After the silver award, you will work towards the gold (100 hours of learning). We'd like you to carry on doing what you are already doing and aim to add another 10 hours of Children's University learning activities you haven't tried before.

Your progress will carry through each academic year after each graduation, so if you start collecting credits early on, you're more likely to achieve higher awards in future graduations.

How does the graduation work?

Just before each Graduation Ceremony, we contact all of the schools and ask them to let us know who is eligible to receive a Children's University award. Of course, you can always let us know by contacting us when you've reached your next award. After a graduation date is decided by the college, you'll be invited along to collect your award. Depending on which school you attend will affect which college you attend for the graduation. To find out which college your school is taking part with simply contact us or ask the school office.

How can I track my progress?

Progression through the Children's University awards can be tracked on the ePassport system. Upon logging in, you'll be told how many hours you have to go until your next award. The table below outlines the levels of awards offered.

Achievement level Award type Hours required to achieve the award
Bronze Silver Gold
Award  30 65 100
Certificate  130 165 200
Diploma  230 265 300
Degree  330 365 400
Award 430 465 500
Certificate 530 565 600
Diploma 630 665 700
Masters Degree 730 765 800
Doctorate 830 865 900
Fellowship 930 965 1000