Learning passports

Where can I use my passport?

In the beginning, most of the hours that you collect will be for activities at school but we want to celebrate the learning you do in other places too. You can use your passport anywhere that is a Learning Destination. Click here for a list of public Learning Destinations.

If you go somewhere that you think should be a Learning Destination, let your teacher know or let us know by filling out a contact form here.

How do I collect my hours?

Make sure that you fill in your passport for every activity that you go to. Your activity leader should be able to give you a sticker to put in your passport as a stamp of approval. If they don't have any stickers, they can always get in touch with us to request more. However, activities can also simply be signed off.

What is the back section for?

In the back section of your passport, you can collect stamps and stickers for activities that you have taken part in, which are not part of the Children’s University. This might be your school homework club, a trip out or a special award.

These stamps and stickers will not count towards your CU learning hours.

What happens if I lose my Passport to Learning? 

All the Passports to Learning have a sticker in the back asking that if somebody finds it they return it to the Isle of Man Children's University Office. If it is returned, we'll make sure it finds it's way back to you.

If your Passport isn't returned to us, then you can request a new one by contacting us.

If your Passport is lost and isn't found you will, unfortunately, lose the hours of learning you have collected. This is why it is vital that you record all of your hours on the ePassport system too.

Check with your school for any Children's University activities they have running before, at lunchtimes or after school. CU activities can be anything that can be studied at a grown up university. 

If you don't already take part, you can join in now and start collecting stamps and stickers in your CU Passport to Learning.

If you are already enjoying taking part in something that isn't part of CU and you think it should be, let the school know or get the organiser to fill in an application form here.

If we think it meets our standards, then we’ll register it as a Learning Destination!