Introducing Night Zookeeper

We're delighted to announce that Night Zookeeper is now in a partnership with Children's University!

Night Zookeeper is an online platform that has been designed to help children write creative stories, invent unique characters, and learn pretty much anything they want by completing fun, interactive activities! All schools need to do is get in touch with Night Zookeeper and tell them that they're a part of Children's University.

The team at Night Zookeeper have been kind enough to put together an activity pack for teachers to follow. They can download an activity pack to work through alongside the children! There are six fun challenges for children to complete and a sheet of unique stamps for them to print and award to students.

Teachers can either print and award these special Night Zookeeper stamps for children to stick into their passports, or they can award stamps however they currently do so. We think this is a great opportunity for children to practice their creative literacy skills, through the excellent online resources Night Zookeeper provide!

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