Parents and carers

When your child joins Children’s University, they can collect stamps in their ‘Passport to Learning’ by taking part in activities which count towards national awards presented at our Graduation Ceremonies.

As well as the learning passport, they’ll also have access to an ePassport where they can keep a record of their activities, find new ones and give their feedback.

All activities offered locally and nationally are posted on the site, so they can pick the activities they would like to try. 

The easiest way to get involved is to speak to their school. If their school is currently taking part in CU, they can join in straight away, having fun and earning points to work towards the graduation.

Speak to your child’s school office to find out if the school is already involved or would like to sign up. There will be Children’s University activities at their school and in the local area, and they can always ask clubs and societies they’re involved with to join the scheme.

For more information contact:

Sakeena Morgan on 01727 737490

Can you help us?

If your child attends an activity that they or you think should be part of the South Hertfordshire Children's University, we'd like to hear from you. We won't always know what's available until somebody tells us.

If we think the activity/organisation meets our standards, we will register them as a Children's University Learning Destination where children can collect hours of learning.

Travelling around the UK

Learning Destinations across the UK provide memorable, fun and good quality learning opportunities. Destinations which aren't available locally may be found in other parts of the country, so be sure to keep a look out for any activities whilst travelling around.

You can find more information by visiting the national Children's University website here.