The participation of schools is central to the success of South Hertfordshire Children's University. Signing up with us is a straightforward process, and we'll visit you to have a chat about joining the scheme.

Membership brings benefits to schools as well as families. Research shows that school attendance and achievement in general increases among pupils taking part in the Children's University programme. Participation in extra-curricular school activity also increases.

Once you've registered with us, we will:

  • Send you activity passports to give to your pupils
  • Register you on the Children's University website, where you can promote your activities, upload photos and encourage students to take part
  • Train you to use the website, train your students to use the ePassports
  • Attend school assemblies to promote participation in the programme

In addition to the ePassport online facility, you'll be able to monitor students' feedback and report on participation. These reports contribute towards involvement and learner voice evidence recognised by Ofsted, illustrating a commitment to wider pupil well-being.

Cambridge University Professor John MacBeath has been researching the impact of Children's University programmes around the country – and has identified several key benefits:

  • Certificates, credits, passports and graduations motivate and encourage children to take part and stay with the programme
  • Activities through Children's University provide an environment that develops motivated, self-driven and confident children
  • The programmes offer a safe and friendly environment where children can develop positive relationships
  • Children's University participation significantly improves school attendance and achievement
  • Introducing the idea of university genuinely inspires and raises learning aspirations

If you would like to find out if you school is taking part in Children's University, please contact us.